Download our NITC Guide to TRB 2020; a 1/17 webinar on "Bicycling Toward Equity: Opportunities, Barriers, and Policies for Vulnerable Groups"; and a 1/22 webinar on "Emerging Technologies in Mid-Size Cities: Managing New Mobility"
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Research and Events
January 2020
The NITC Guide to 99th Annual Meeting of TRB
Jan 12 - 16, 2020 in Washington, D.C.
This weekend, transportation researchers and practitioners will be flocking to the 99th annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB). Over 130 NITC-funded faculty and students will be presenting their work in lecterns, posters, and workshops. We've collected all of those presentations into a comprehensive, printable NITC Guide to TRB 2020. We’ll kick off TRB by celebrating our 2019 NITC "Student of the Year," Samuel Jensen of the University of Arizona, at the annual CUTC Banquet. We're also hosting our annual TRB reception at Fadó Irish Pub on Monday, January 13th. Follow along on on our Twitter for updates on what we find at TRB.

A small sampling of the presentations that NITC researchers are giving at TRB 2020:
  • Measuring Perceptions of Social Environments for Walking: a Systematic Review of Walkability Surveys
  • How are Uber/Lyft Shaping Municipal On-Street Parking Revenue?
  • Bicycling and Bikeshare among Women of Color in 3 US Cities: Barriers and Opportunities
  • Utilizing an Inter-Professional Community Advisory Board: A Case Study to Inform Best Practices in Community-Engaged Research for Transportation Equity and Social Inclusion
  • The Connection between Investments in Bus Stops, Ridership, and ADA Accessibility

Download our NITC Guide to TRB 2020 (PDF) to plan your visit!
Friday Transportation Seminar: Bicycling Toward Equity: Opportunities, Barriers, and Policies for Vulnerable Groups
Friday, Jan 17 with Jennifer Dill and John MacArthur at PSU

Can't make it to TRB, or want a deeper look at PSU's equitable bike share research? This online and in-person seminar at PSU will cover two papers that will also be presented at TRB:
--Adaptive Bikeshare: Expanding Bikeshare to People with Disabilities and Older Adults, by John MacArthur, PSU
--Bicycling and Bikeshare Among Women of Color in Three U.S. Cities: Barriers and Opportunities, by Jennifer Dill, PSU
Student Spotlight: Samuel Jensen, University of Arizona - NITC Student of the Year
Samuel Jensen is a planning masters student at the University of Arizona. He is the 2019 NITC Student of the Year, and will be presented with the award at the Council of University Transportation Centers banquet at TRB. He will present research on "An Inventory of Bus Stop Amenities Guidelines at U.S. Transit Agencies" at TRB, in the Bus Transit Research and Practices poster session. Samuel's interest in transportation developed through his work as an advocate for transit justice. He also serves as the president of Graduate Planning Society, UA's planning student group, and as vice-chair of the city of Tucson's Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
Emerging Technologies in Mid-Size Cities: Managing New Mobility
What was once purely science fiction is starting to materialize on streets across the country. Advances in emerging technologies—such as autonomous vehicles (AVs), e-commerce, and the sharing economy—are having profound effects not only on how we live, move, and spend our time in cities, but also on urban form and development itself. These technologies are beginning to have substantial effects on land use, street design, parking, and housing. A new planning guide from Becky Steckler and Rebecca Lewis of UO provides useful information for any mid-sized city on how new mobility could impact their communities and what they can do about it.
NITC Research and Partner Updates
NITC University Partners
The National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC), is a program of the Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC) at Portland State University. NITC is one of seven U.S. Department of Transportation national university transportation centers. The NITC program is a Portland State-led partnership with the Oregon Institute of Technology, University of Arizona, University of Oregon, University of Texas at Arlington and University of Utah. We pursue our theme—improving mobility of people and goods to build strong communities—through research, education and technology transfer.
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